Member Expectations

Requirements and Responsibilities of Membership

Membership in the Omaha Executives Association carries with it certain responsibilities. In becoming a member, you will agree to:

  • Attend AT LEAST 60% of the weekly meetings
  • Attend orientation
  • Turn in 3 leads per week to the office credit or publication. Each lead for publication should contain a contact person for further information
  • Pay quarterly dues and assessments in a timely manner as billed
  • Serve on an assigned Committee:
    • Attendance
    • Leads
    • Program
    • Acquaintance
    • Membership
  • Propose new qualified prospective members in open classifications.
  • Help members know about you and your business:
  • Attend weekly meetings and interact with other members
  • Give a “craft talk” about your business. Generally speaking, the craft talk is a 20-25 minute presentation. A craft talk is held every week during the regular meeting.