About OEA

"Remember a Member" is a slogan that fosters good business relationships. Each member is a "Dependable Source of Supply." The employees of all members firms total in the thousands and each can become a potential customer and/or an endless source of leads for other members.

OEA members become part of a close knit organization that, as its main purpose helps fellow members to increase their business volume. Referrals, contacts, and leads are exchanged, as is mutual business from members, their employees, families, and friends. The volume of business received is in direct proportion to the number of leads, the quality of information and the effort that the member invests.

Well-planned weekly meetings of the OEA membership provide a continuing opportunity for members to discuss, display, and demonstrate their firms' product and/or services. Each week, one of the member firms has the opportunity to give a Craft Talk to tell what his or her firm offers.

In addition to promoting and developing business associations, membership in OEA provides opportunities to foster lasting friendships and relationships outside of the business arena.