New Memeber

Step 1

Always check with Executive Director to see if classification is open before bringing a guest to OEA. Executive Director will confirm that classification is open before proceeding.

Identification of a proposed Member by a current OEA member (sponsor)

Step 2

Approval by the OEA Board of Directors to publish the name of the proposed Member to the current membership. Publication is required for two weeks in the weekly bulletin.

Step 3

If there are no objections to the propsed member, the OEA Board of Directors vote to approve the proposed member for membership

Step 4

The proposed member will be notified of his or her membership approval and he or she may choose to accept or decline the offer for membership. If the offer for membership is accepted, the new member will receive a full information packet along with a short biographical form.

Upon completion of the biographical form and the submission of the initiation fee, the new member begins attending the Thursday luncheons. The member will be seated with his or her sponsor for the first 3 months. Each new member will also be given an orientation session within the first month of their membership.