Commonwealth Electric

Neil DavidsonNeil DavidsonVice President

Jon folkersJon folkersManager of Business Development

Commercial Electrical Contractor

Commonwealth Electric

Address: 4225 S 89th Street

City: Omaha State: NE Zip: 68127

Phone: (402) 618-6999

Fax: (402) 331-9377


Member Since: November 1978

OEA Sponsor: Gary Demmel/Don Schaefer

Company Description: 

Commonwealth Electric is an electrical contractor that can handle all of your electrical wiring needs.  This includes furnishing and installation of new light fixtures, electrical outlets or any other electrical item along with the required electrical wiring.  We can evaluate your lighting by doing an energy audit since we are an approved OPPD Lighting Ally.  Commonwealth has their own engineering department for design/build needs including any special controls projects.  Commonwealth Communications, a division of Commonwealth, also does data , network and communications wiring.  Commonwealth is a Better Business Bureau member and a member of the Chamber of Commerce.