Dundee Florist

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Dundee Florist

Address: 675 N 50th Street

City: Omaha State: NE Zip: 

Phone: (402) 551-2442

Fax: (402) 551-7330


Member Since: 1959

Company Description: 

Dundee Florist is a full service florist. We specialize in everyday floral needs:
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • graduations
or perhaps just because flowers.
We help those in need of flowers for the passing of a family member, friend or business associate. We also do floral decorations for weddings and parties. Our busiest time of the year are Christmas, Valentine\'s Day and Mother\'s Day. We carry a nice assortment of green plants and blooming plants. 
We have beautiful flower arrangments for any occasion.