Scott Enterprises, Inc.

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Scott Enterprises, Inc.

Address: 9684 N 109th Ave

City: Omaha State: NE Zip: 68142

Phone: (402)571-2364

Fax: (402)571-2129


Member Since: November 2012

OEA Sponsor: Kurt Geschwender

Company Description: 

Scott Enterprises, Inc. is a commercial roofing business here in Omaha that currently focuses on a 200 mile radius.  We pride ourselves on timely service, and excellent quality installations. Projects we like are Village Point, First National Tower, Mid-America Center, Valmont, etc. We started 30+ years ago in the cold storage business with roofs that need to perform down to the last detail, and we approach every project today with the same attention to detail for lasting performance. We do it right or we don't do it at all. We do not accept anythng less in all aspects of our company. We have gone from 90% of our business being new construction, to 65% being re-roofing projects. We have won engineering awards in the past for our projects. The UNO Fine Arts building sports a two dimensionally curved gutter that we actually had to manufacture a machine to produce. There is nothing we can' t do.