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InfiNet Solutions

Address: 6430 S 84th Street

City: Omaha State: NE Zip: 68127

Phone: 402-895-5777

Fax: 402-895-6255


Member Since: 2012

OEA Sponsor: Mark Roseland

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InfiNet Managed Services Talk Track
IfiNet managed services gives your business the financial freedom of not having to hire and train an IT staff. We provide our staff and services to you as part of our managed service agreement. Withour proactive approach of monitoring and keeping your network running smooth this will give your business the accountability and predictability that is needed to control and understand what the technology cost are for your business. With our Virtual CIO meetings and QBR (Quarterly Business Reviews) we will keep you up to date with how your network is running and any new technology that may improve your current system set up. We are also a Mircrosoft Silver partner and are the only Apple Certified System Administrator in the state of NE.